Niek is a Denver-based business and tax attorney.  Having graduated in 2008 from Northeastern University in Boston, MA with a B.A. in Music Business, and obtaining his J.D. from Florida Coastal School of Law with focus on International Law, he now works with businesses in emerging industries on regulatory compliance, business structure, and resolving potential tax implications.  He has assisted multiple startups in the Blockchain sector on: crowdfunding regulation, corporate governance documents, corporate structure, advised as general counsel, and currently sits as a board member of multiple advisory boards.

Since beginning practice in Colorado in 2012, Niek has worked with a variety of businesses, helping to start locally-based small businesses as well as providing regulatory compliance for international blockchain businesses. He has continued to grow a passion for working in the Denver community, continues to consult businesses of any size and local entrepreneurs on the front range, while also focusing on remaining on the cusp of international regulations in the emerging technology sector.

Niek is constantly traveling with R&V LLP to blockchain and emerging technology based conferences.  As a firm believer that blockchain technology has the capability to revolutionize financial, legal and supply-chain based industries, just to name a few, he seeks to work with businesses and startups in the blockchain sector that work to create practical, regulated, and viable products and/or services that truly embrace the capacity that blockchain technology has to offer. As an attorney in one of the most crypto-friendly jurisdictions, Niek actively works within the blockchain industry to encourage businesses to work in Colorado in a compliant and regulated manner.

Outside of the firm, you can find him cruising around Sloan’s Lake or hiking up to high alpine lakes with his border collie, Blues.  When day halts to an stop you can likely find Niek playing bass and singing blues music with multiple groups in Denver. As a professional bassist and vocalist Niek enjoys playing as many of the beautiful venues that Colorado has to offer with all the talented musicians that have made Denver their home!