In business, it is inevitable that you will need the assistance of an accountant and an attorney in the long run. Both of these professions can help you during those complicated times in business management. However, the word “attorney” has a more important ring to it as they can both work with numbers and the law. The tax attorneys can work on the things that an accountant can’t. In a world full of legal issues associated with an individual’s tax situation, it can be stressful and time-consuming especially for a business owner with a hectic schedule. Fortunately, with the help of Reiben & Velvis LLP, the whole process can be easier than ever.

Why you should hire a tax attorney?

Needing a tax attorney implies that you are in a hot situation with the IRS. However, keep in mind that a lawyer can either solve your problems or worsen it. Find a tax attorney that is knowledgeable, faithful and will work only for your best interests.

Tax attorneys who have the most experience are the ones who are capable of achieving satisfactory tax settlements. The tax codes and laws are complicated and they change from time to time. There are many programs available for a taxpayer, but only an experienced tax attorney has the capability to determine the best approach that will suit your needs. When you are in the collection process by the IRS, be aware that it is a risky time and getting the wrong legal advice might prove costly down the road.

How would you know that you need a tax attorney?

No matter how great you are when it comes to managing your business, it is not advisable to multi-task, especially if huge numbers are involved. If you’re finding yourself too stressed in dealing with issues like this, then it’s time to accept that you need outside help.

Here are some of the situations where it is highly advisable to hire a tax attorney:

  •    When you are starting a business

What kind of business entity are you forming? Are you going to incorporate or not? Are you interested in becoming a sole proprietor? No matter what type of business you want to set-up, you will need to consider your tax ramifications. A tax attorney can give you the best advice regarding the structure and treatment of your business, which also includes the non-tax issues most businesses often neglect.

  •    When you are planning to bring a case against the Internal Revenue Service

When you are in a situation where you want an independent review of your case or you are under an investigation, you need someone who is an expert with the law. Hiring a legal support team is most applicable when you are engaged with tax fraud. A reliable tax attorney can deal with the issues at hand with full confidentiality.

  •    When you anticipate having a taxable estate

If you want to devise your estate-planning strategies, a tax lawyer can help you with this matter. You can also avoid a large portion of your estate going to taxes.

Why Choose Reiben & Velvis LLP?

With so many options available, when it comes to hiring a tax attorney, choosing the one who can serve your best interest can be daunting. Whenever it feels too much, connect with Reiben & Velvis LLP. Our professional and legal team has been in the tax business for decades. With confidence from the results of our previous clients, we guarantee that we have exceptional solutions for your tax issues.

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